I can get my ideas on paper. I can also sketch out yours.

I’m a Concept Artist.

Give me an idea of what you’re imagining, and I’ll take it from there. I can do rough sketches quickly, and I’m good at figuring out shapes and how objects appear three-dimensionally. If you’re looking for a lot of ideas quickly, hire me to sketch them out before you get bogged down in CAD.

I’m also an Illustrator.

I’ve been drawing all my life–caricatures, cartoons, children’s illustrations, greeting cards. For many years I worked almost exclusively with ink and colored pencils. Now I draw on a tablet, which combines the flexibility of working electronically with the warmth of hand-drawn art.

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Matilda Children’s Book 2

Donald Trump

Zombie Poster


Honey Badger Cares

Corporate Christmas Card

Bathroom Witch

Kelli’s Heroes

Matilda Children’s Book

Dream Star

Bobby Bear Slumber Party

Bobby Bear At The Lake

Gershwood and the Tree

Gershwood and the Queen

Art Director

Hartmarx Father’s Day Card

For you, Dad. Because great men have always worn great clothes.

Military Style Bracelet Clasp


Ronald Reagan


I’m available for project work nationally or even globally. For the right opportunity, I will also consider contract or full-time employment in the Minneapolis area. Please call me to discuss your project at 612.203.0651 or send me email through the form below.

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