How-To Evict A Grownup Child From Your Own Home

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Matilda the Witch, Book 2

Yes!  It’s the long-awaited sequel!

Matilda Grumkin, our favorite bumbling young witch from the first book, Matilda Grumkin in the Shopping List, has returned with her side-kick black cat, Newt, for a new adventure in the second book, Matilda Grumkin in A Day at the Beach.

The illustration process is still underway; however, I can give you a sneak preview of the artwork and a hint at the plot.  This time around, Matilda has big plans to fly off to her favorite seaside cove and fly kites.  But it’s raining.

Matilda tries to fly a kite indoors using a Magic Spell; but, as you know from the first book, Matilda’s spells very often go awry.  Matilda does get the beach, where she sculpts in the sand, goes swimming, hosts a picnic, and tries out her new invention: the Kite Caster Blaster.  Each activity becomes its own misadventure!

Stay tuned for the release date of Matilda’s new book, written by Thomas and Aubrey Maynard and illustrated by yours truly.

Scary Things

As a boy, I was terrified of the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys in the classic film “The Wizard of Oz”.  Every year the movie would be rebroadcast on TV, and every year I would have nightmares for days or weeks thereafter.

My young brothers and I convinced ourselves that the Wicked Witch was watching us at night through the old fashioned heating vent on the bathroom floor.  We were sure that eventually, as we stood or sat peeing late at night, the evil old woman would reach from the vent to grab our ankles and haul us down into darkness.

“Bathroom Witch” on my portfolio page was drawn to commemorate those childhood terrors.  Actually, I added it here too, in the upper right hand corner, so you don’t need to scroll back.

I tried to somewhat imitate the style of Edward Gorey (above), another artistic hero of mine, with intricate “crosshatching” and spooky shadow.

The perspective of the room intentionally opens outward like a stage set.  I debated whether to have our lad standing bare bottomed at the toilet with his back to the witch or sitting on the porcelain throne facing her, his bare feet just out of reach.  Such are the artistic choices when composing a scene.

Again, a little “edge” to counterbalance the sweetness of other illustrations.


Now that I’m a grey-bearded grownup, I’ve learned that there are scarier things than the Wicked Witch of the West.  Donald Trump is President and he is sabre-rattling with another pudgy world leader with bad hair in North Korea.  That beats flying monkeys any day!

Now, now, don’t get upset.  I admitted in an earlier blog post that I am a “Progressive” (formerly known as Liberal).  I also drew caricatures of Obama, Clinton, Reagan, and Carter.  Sorry, you’ll have to scroll back to look at those again.

So, for me, The Donald rolling back health care, eliminating environmental protections in the name of profit, or playing nuclear “chicken” with volatile dictators is rather unsettling to say the least.

Add to this the long-running joke — dating back to the presidential campaign — about Trump’s supposed small hands, and you have the perfect opportunity for a cartoon!

Behold, the infamous “T-Wrecks”!  Trump wrecks everything he stomps all over…or Twitters about in his 3 a.m. tirades.

Scary yes; but also funny.

Bling For Dogs

My journey through the possibilities of beads and charms took another unique and fascinating twist when I was introduced to the entrepreneur, Jim Broshat.

Jim had worked for 18 years as an executive at Target, and then launched several of his own successful ventures.  Now, he had another enterprising idea.  What if we could capture that special “shared experience” between a dog and its owner — literally!

The shared moments and feelings — sweet and hilarious — captured in beautiful charms that BOTH dog and owner could wear together!  Who’d ever thought of THAT before?

Bling for dogs!  Brilliant, right?

This is the leather dog collar with a silver chain that unclasps to add or remove charms.  You can see some of the charms too: a Frisbee, bone, paw, and a dog riding in a car with its head happily out the window!

Here is the first of several styles of bracelets so that the pet owner can wear the charms too:  it’s literally a “shared” experience!

That’s the name of the company on the beautiful blue center heart:  Bella & Beau.  And you can see more examples of the sparkling charms, from “Spa Day” (a doggie bath), to bones and birthstone beads with genuine Swarovski crystals.

“Yours Truly” was the Design Artist once again.  Here is an example of my original artwork and the finished product: ah yes, the dreaded Cone of Shame.


For a little color in our collection, here’s a pink-and-white enamel Dog Carrier with its fluffy occupant.  First, the original artwork; then, the finished bead.

Since I’m a self-professed Geek (see earlier entry), I particularly love the Superhero dog charms.  “It’s a plane, it’s a bird, noooo, it’s Superdog!”  Or, the one and only Canine Crusader!


Then again, I warned you that I cannot resist a good pun!


Speaking of puns, I also wrote the “stories” for each bead design.  Included with every purchase, you receive a Story Card with the original artwork and a little story.


Lastly, perhaps a little potty humor.  This wicked little design is called “Drinks On Me” and, again, here’s the drawing and the finished B&B charm.


There’s so MUCH more!

Below you can see a Dog Whistle, a Fire Hydrant (called “Pee Mail”), a rawhide chew, a Pooper Scooper, a Frisbee, and a “Peace-Love” Dog Tag.  If you would like to see the full collection — or, maybe, purchase some doggie charms for yourself and your Best Friend — go online to

Zombies and Egg Nog

Life does indeed come full circle.

I began this blog telling you about my six years of experience as Senior Design Artist for Chamilia beads and jewelry.  Who knew that charms and beads would also dominate my freelance career for years?

I’ve been privileged to provide occasional freelance designs for Ohm Beads of Seattle.  They are a great bunch of creatives with a very loyal customer following that call themselves “Ohmers”.

Ohm Beads are a bit edgier in style and humor than Chamilia.  I learned this when I was commissioned to design a series of Zombie beads for Ohm — well, this being Ohm, they are spelled “Zohmbie” beads.

Ohm wanted me to create an entire story around these “Zohmbie” characters.  On my portfolio page, you can see the rather bloody poster I drew that tells that story.  Ha!  It’s the first time I’ve had a client say, “More blood and gore, please!”

Above, you can see the multi-view drawings for the female character, Lucy Lifeless (“she’ll love you to pieces”).  And here’s the finished bead.  Now THAT’S pretty cool, eh?

There was a male character too, Chase Skinner (“he’s looking to get ahead”).  They owned a Killer Kitty, drank DeCappuccinos and Vicious Vapors (“good for whatever is eating you”) and settled into a “mindless routine”.  These were so much fun!  Here are a few more of the drawings.

And, then again, the resulting bead.  You can find these beads, and some “Zohmbie” weapons, along with all the great Ohm Beads collections in their online catalog.


I was also commissioned to design some Christmas and Winter-themed beads for Ohm.  They already had plenty of the cheerful Christmas stuff, so I went with Scrooge: a literal “Bah Hum-BUG!”

I love how they cleverly photographed the Hum-Bug bead for their website with a lump of coal.  Nice job, kids!

I created some Snowmen characters — and an accompanying poster story — a pair of Ice Dancers, a tumbling Snow Skier and a broken leg cast, and it’s own story, and more.

In the upper right corner of this entry, you’ll find another poster story called “Get Your Nog On”.

Some barnyard animals throw a Christmas Party and each contributes to the Nog.  The cow provides the milk, the chicken provides the egg, and the wise old owl brings the booze.  By the time Santa shows up, the animals are feeling no pain!

Here is the bead that went with that story.

3D Puzzles

As I continue in this blog to show you a wide variety of drawing skills and applications, I must certainly again include Product Design.

Awhile ago, I was enlisted to design a couple of cardboard animal puzzles:  a Karate Kangaroo and a Snow Skiing Polar Bear.

The artwork required by the client consisted of the various puzzle pieces — front and back — and an illustration demonstrating their assembly.

The size specifications were very precise.  This little puzzle creation would be tucked inside a plastic egg and covered with chocolate!  Once the child ate the chocolate treat, they would find the puzzle “prize” inside.

The assembled cardboard animal also had to be sufficiently balanced to then stand on its own.  Very interesting challenge!