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On the eighth of March in France an ordinary operating working day. On top of that, the day is winter season. Spring will arrive only on March 21, and for now, despite the warm rays from the sunshine plus the backyard and subject daffodils all around, wintertime is authorized for another two weeks of lifetime. No obvious and festive excitement. Flowers and romantic items got on the beloved from the French on Valentine’s Day. There exists also Mommy’s Day and Grandmother’s Day, when provides to young people who form these many family armies are handed to little ones and grandchildren.

According with the hot news there’s nations whereby the Global Women’s Working day is covered with a intimate halo, the bulk below didn’t hear by any means. And for a date committed towards wrestle for women’s rights, the eighth of March has extensive been effectively regarded. This system of occasions, which are condition, municipal and community constructions, is generally incredibly various and contains equally scientific conversations and road actions, plus a cultural poster. This 12 months can also be no exception.

For illustration, inside municipality in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis debates is going to be held under the title “Women and Men”. Judging by the announcement, it would be about gender equality from a historical, economic and cultural viewpoint. In addition, two curious expositions is going to be held inside French cash. Around the 1st an individual you could see posters reflecting the longer history for the feminist movement, additionally, the 2nd 1 is entitled “Women-Totems of your Abroad Territories” and tells concerning the previous and present day of the inhabitants of your tropical lands.

But this cultural theme is not really exhausted. The overall performance less than the original title “Vagina Monologues” will undoubtedly be presented by the Bobino Theater. The enjoy is predicated for the enjoy of Yves Ensler, authored back again in 1996. The theater’s web pages stories that the author, referring on the taboo subject matter, “reveals the political and cultural dimension of women’s sexuality.” For additional than 20 several years, the enjoy is actually translated into forty-eight languages and put inside a hundred and forty international locations.

Feminism in France for that 8th of March

There are quite a lot of interesting websites if you are bored, but there is certainly details you need to handle. Feminists call up on all working French most women to strike on March eight along with a interest in good wages, and also most energetic – to alter seats on this day to bicycles, that have long been contemplated a symbol of women’s equality. The web site devoted for the motion affirms that ladies are compensated twenty-six % fewer for similar operate than their male counterparts, which situation has not transformed for most several years. There are certainly other, a good deal more disturbing figures. For instance, in line with these details, a lot more than 6 hundred French a lot of women had been sexually assaulted inside workplace, and thirty-nine have been victims of violence.

March 8, Worldwide Women’s Working day – a traditional day of struggle

“The intercontinental women’s day often is the story of regular adult females who’ve gone down in history,” the Paris mayor’s business office notes. “The roots of the vacation date again towards age-old struggle of ladies for your appropriate to take part in modern society over a par with adult males.”

On the celebration of March 8 in Paris, conferences, conversations, and screenings of movies are prepared, that are feminine actresses. “Employment and work of women” – this topic was chosen for this year’s getaway if you want to give voice to participants in practical systems .

Some functions on March 8 in Paris

On March 8, the Jean Moulin Museum in Paris will host a symposium dedicated to Germain Tillon, a French-Algerian researcher, an ethnographer, participant for the Resistance movement during the Second Planet War. The symposium was opened from the vice-mayor of Paris, chargeable for gender equality difficulties. Fatima Lalem.

The Paris Affiliation of Libraries focused for the worldwide exhibition “Photography, Ladies, Feminism”, showcasing two hundred pictures in the record belonging to the struggle for women’s rights.

On exactly the same working day, the Women’s Rights Protection Association “Watch Dogs” announced the laureate of its annual anti-prize “Macho from the Year”, that is marked by individuals who’re allowed by themselves unflattering general public statements about females. Jean-Claude Elfasi. The winner of this 12 months was the photographer-paparazzi. In November of the previous year, he built an announcement during the radio broadcasts of ladies who had been denied accessibility to authorized proceedings for domestic violence by their husbands, calling them “rejected fools who may have not much a little more to do”. The jury belonging to the anti-prize “Macho of the Year” this year was conducted because of the Minister for Solidarity Affairs Roslyn Bachelot.

Combating the inequality of women and guys in France

On March 8, the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Health, Xavier Bertrand reported that before the summer months, a decree will be issued for women.

Xavier Bertrand, talking relating to the situation from the Worldwide Women’s Working day on the radio station Europe one, claimed this decree also delivers for “real transparency for wages” for men and ladies. “I expect that enterprises that do not have equality in between women and men will come to a decision that it is more beneficial to equalize their employees than to pay a excellent,” the minister claimed.

In France, females get 27% significantly less than adult males. Meanwhile, as outlined by studies, much less and less women of all ages in the society maintain principal positions.

One-fifth: which is the number of gals between the top executives inside of the community. Grant Thornton. March 8 through the London-based audit company Grant Thornton. Eleven thousand heads of medium-sized enterprises everywhere in the earth. The amount of gals directors was gained by Georgia, adopted by Russia, adopted by Hong Kong and also Philippines. Close the list of India, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. The analyze also notes that ladies occupy the best place of work (basic manager or president from the small business), inside the community quite modest – considerably less than two %.

Interesting reads that French gals however have one thing to combat for as well as in politics

According towards the general public figures, French adult females nevertheless have something to fight for in politics. By way of example, compared with the neighboring Really good Britain and Germany, French most women have to date managed to go the state in addition to the indicating “it’s not really worth luring wines” remains to be topical. Sociologists feel that if Marin Le Pen was a girl which includes a entirely numerous political process, it will nevertheless be frustrating for her to get a male prospect. On the other hand, this kind of crucial constructions because the Ministry of Protection and therefore the Ministry of Justice in France are headed by women.

Steampunk and Historical

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a nut for history, costumes, and historical reenactments, especially Medieval and Renaissance.  I love the Golden Age of Pirates too.

My new favorite is Steampunk which, to the uninitiated, could be described as “19th century retro-futuristic”.

This mix of posh Victorian fashion, steam-driven gadgetry, and the wild American West — flavored with fantastical futuristic devices like ray-guns and time-travel — make this an exciting era when anything seemed possible.

The examples in this entry are not Steampunk per se (no gadgets, gears, goggles, or weaponry); but these sketches ARE elegantly Victorian in the form of a proper tea-sipping English flea, and a Basset Hound gentleman escorting a Grande Dame Hen (she reminds me of the Dowager Duchess from Downton Abbey).

More of these projects please!



Kids Being Kids

Drawing children FOR children is a special challenge.

The illustrations need to be lively, expressive, and fun to attract the young reader in the first place.

Then, subtly, the illustrations must be true to the feelings and actions of the young reader so that they will identify with the characters.

Once the youngster is transported into the magic realm of the story — and its art — lessons can be taught in the guise of entertainment.

Sometimes authors prefer a more “realistic” style of illustration, believing, perhaps, that humorous drawings do not take the story seriously enough.

I’m certainly biased, but I believe that cartoon illustrations catch the reader unawares and convey all levels of emotional impact through humor.

Indeed, as I look back on my own favorite childhood reading experiences, I think many of the best ones involved cartoons — from Dr. Seuss to Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things — from Charles Schultz to Curious George and Disney.


In this blog entry, I offer you my sketches of kids being kids.

A little redheaded girl on a swing, two sisters quarreling over a Teddy Bear, and a Mom and daughter baking together.

This last sketch is significant as I try to include more ethnic diversity in my drawing.  These are “quickie” sketches again, utilized to clarify characters for a client; however, hopefully you can see that these light, witty cartoons also convey a variety of authentic and evocative emotions.

Cartoons are a “serious” art form.

Mom & Daughter


Ever since I first stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia or trudged with Bilbo and Frodo through Middle Earth, I have loved the genre of fantasy.

As a child, I read a book about a boy who traveled through time to meet Robin Hood, King Arthur, and other fantasy characters.  I LOVED that book (though, sadly, I’ve long forgotten the title).  Later, dragons, fairies, and science fiction expanded my fantasy universe.


Alice in Wonderland was another early fantasy influence.  Below is my artwork for a magical kingdom wherein warrior rabbits in armor guard an ancient oak crowned with stone towers.

The illustration is for a book written by a seven-year-old presumably based upon a version of herself.  The girl in the story steps into a puddle and falls and falls and falls still deeper into a “Wonderland” place filled with fantastical creatures.

The drawing above to the right is her plunge into that puddle.


On a different whimsical note, here’s a sweet little sketch of a goblin and a fairy making nice.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a pirate and a snail crossing swords (well, that’s what the client wanted, though I doubt snails have arms).

Here’s a little Twilight Zone for you:  a young boy suspects that the new baby just might be an alien!

And, below, from a futuristic fantasy project, a sketch of wise old “Yoda-like” toads.  Fantasy illustration requires an ethereal sort of magic in its rendering.  Perhaps that is why it remains my favorite genre.

Yoda Toads

“Quickies” Continue

As a freelance illustrator, the challenge of auditioning for representation and for new clients is continual.

As an artist, I may prefer the creative solitude of my drawing tablet, some stimulating music or NPR, and the infinite world of imagination wherein I may wave my magic pen and conjure characters and stories from thin air.

Ah, but there are bills to pay and wonderful projects still in the minds of clients I have not yet met– like you, perhaps–thus, the process of seeking, promoting, proposing, and working the “business side” of creativity is ever ongoing.


An essential part of that process is the “quickie” sketch to show a potential client how I might address their specific needs.

Not every client can look at my general portfolio and see how it applies to their own business or story.  Thus, the “quickie” sketch!  Maybe something like this:  a Koala Bear business traveler for an Australian company.  Suddenly, an idea takes form!

Below, and in the upper right corner, are a few more “quickie” samples.  Dogs and cats seem to be a popular theme.  A cat waiter serving a mouse, a baseball playing ferret, an eaglet adopted by chicks…oh how we love “critters” for story telling!

Frankie Ferret    Eagle & Chicks

A Bewitching Children’s Book

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, children’s books are my favorite category of illustration.  Fantasy children’s books—featuring mythical creatures, magical spells, the impossible made tangible—are my favorite stories of all.

It’s been my privilege and delight to work this past summer on a new children’s book written by the husband-and-wife team of Thomas and Aubrey Maynard.

The book features an endearing–but slightly bumbling–young witch named Matilda Grumkin, who has just graduated from Witchery University.  Matilda is eager to begin her new career as a full-fledged good witch.

Firstly, she must acquire the appropriate tools, clothing, and accessories of a “real witch”.

So, Matilda makes a Shopping List of needed items which includes:  a pointy hat, a flying broomstick, a cauldron, a black cat, potions, and much more, and heads out on her first bewitching adventure.

Of course, I don’t want to give away ALL of the story; however, I can’t resist sharing a couple of the illustrations in my portfolio section and a couple more here in this blog entry.

In the upper right, you’ll see the hand-drawn front cover.  Below, Matilda chooses the perfect Crystal Ball to check off her list.  Not too big, not too small.

On my portfolio page, you’ll see Matilda selecting a Book of Spells at her favorite bookstore, and then, back home, attempting to follow the book’s instructions to cast her first solo spell.  I’ll give you a hint.  The results are not exactly what she intended.

I hope you find these drawings delightful.  I had great fun creating them.  Better yet, I hope you’ll buy the book.  I’m told a series is envisioned.

If you are an author, publisher, or Art Rep seeking to create fantastical adventures for young imaginations, my wizardly tools await you.

Greeting Cards

Quite awhile ago—the 1980’s in fact—my brother and I attempted to launch  a Greeting Card business with mixed success.  We called our naughty, romantic, animal character line “Paper Jungle”.

Alas, we knew little about that specialized genre of artwork, and by the time we’d achieved positive test marketing from Recycled Paper Products, we were pretty much out of money.  Yet, I’ve always been fascinated by the risque humor and calculated edginess of greeting cards.


Recently, I was thrilled to meet online an experienced writer and producer of greeting cards named Adrienne Gusoff (check out her website at

We are now combining our craniums to create some clever greeting cards–her witty captions and concepts with my twisted artwork–for, yes, Recycled Paper Products.  Life comes full circle.  Stay tuned for more on this venture!

In the upper right corner, I’ve included one of our new birthday card concepts (sorry, I can’t reveal the punchline here).  Yes, it’s great fun to draw “sexy” for a change.


We also have an older female character who will “star” in many of our upcoming concepts for those who are feeling the effects of multiple birthdays.  Again, here’s a little teaser.

Finally, below, I’ve included one of my favorites from the Paper Jungle card line of bygone days.  An elephant never forgets, regardless of multiple martinis.

I believe that hand-drawn artwork of any style feels more “personal” than photographs.  Especially with greeting cards.


“Quickie” Concept Sketches

It’s tempting to display only my best, finished artwork on this website; however, the freelance illustration biz is teaching me that rough, loose sketches can often win a potential client.

I use “quickie” sketches to audition for a project.  I use “quickie” sketches to develop or clarify a character for a client.  I use “quickie” sketches to “storyboard” a book’s layout and find the rhythm of artwork with text.

The ability to sketch quickly yet engagingly may be as important to a freelancer’s career as the skill of refined illustration.


To the right is a page of “quickie” sketches for a client who advertised “fanciful B&W drawings to accompany short stories for young children…angry spider, sadly broken clock, dancing statue, mischievous elf, lazy horse, emperor with goat ears, smug hippo…”  The client loved the sketches.

Here’s another “quickie” requested by a client:  a boy riding a dinosaur.

Sometimes I wish that there was more time, and money, available for complex illustrations– I DO love detail–however, I’ve often discovered that my drawing style is actually improved by having to work quickly and loosely on many projects.

Sometimes the “quickies” have more expression than an illustration that is detailed and perhaps a bit “overworked”.  Sometimes a “quickie” hits the spot.

Children’s Book Illustration

This is perhaps my favorite category of illustration.  Cartoons become magical when they make a child laugh or transport that child’s imagination to worlds of wonder and adventure.

My parents read to my brothers and I when we were small and I, in turn, enjoyed reading to my two sons.

I played all the book’s characters with different voices; but it was the illustrations in each book that provided the visual “movie” for my kids to follow.  They would huddle close on either side of me to “see the pictures” and comment on the details.

From “Curious George” to “Jumanji”, from “The Cat In The Hat” to “Where The Wild Things Are” each artist brought their characters to animated life.  Like jumping into Bert’s sidewalk chalk drawings in “Mary Poppins”, we could actually enter the marvelous universes of these illustrations.  For us, they were real places.


I remember being scared to death as a youngster by Sir John Tenniel’s creepy illustrations for “Alice In Wonderland”.  Those HUGE heads!

My parents were teachers and we had a large collection of classic children’s literature.  I was swept away by King Arthur, Robin Hood, dragons, fairies, and pirates all masterfully illustrated by the classic artworks of Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble, Kay Nielsen, Edmund Dulac, N.C. Wyeth and so many more.

I want to create that wonder and delight for the children who see my story illustrations.


Recently, I worked on a series of children’s stories that feature a young bear named Bobby.  The stories themselves are audio books; however, a “cover” illustration was needed for each adventure on the Website.

In my portfolio section you’ll find a couple of Bobby Bear covers.  I particularly like the Slumber Party that depicts all of Bobby Bear’s little animal friends.


In this entry, I’ve added a few more Bobby Bear cover illustrations.

The computer artwork is brighter and simpler than the pen-and-ink “Gershwood The Gargoyle” children’s book illustrations also in my portfolio.  But variety is good.

I’m currently working on more children’s book projects, some featuring human characters.  I’m also looking for an Art Rep.  Interested?

Bobby Bear New Game TEXT Merged    Bobby Bear Rides His Trike TEXT Merged


Political Caricatures

Okay, I promised to address presidential caricatures.  To the right is our current Commander-In-Chief.  Held hostage in the budget crisis at the precarious edge of the “fiscal cliff”.

Actually, you get three caricatures in one:  President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Political cartoons espouse a viewpoint; and, quite obviously, my political views are vigorously Progressive (formerly called Liberal).  Even if your politics are the opposite of mine, hopefully you can appreciate the technique of the drawing and the punch of the concept.

I think all of us are weary of the paralyzing stalemate in Congress.  Speaker Boehner is often depicted in political cartoons as either crying or smoking.  I went with the cigarette.  And I’m certainly not the first person to think that Mitch McConnell looks like a turtle.  The important thing with any caricature is the whether or not the likeness is immediately recognizable.


Of course there’s always a risk in including political or religious artwork on my site.  Some folks of differing views might be so offended that they cannot appreciate the technique or the wit of the drawing.  Politics and religion are subjects that are often very personally, passionately espoused.

Yet, I wanted to demonstrate something slightly “edgier” than my warm, cuddly children’s book illustrations.


Here are a couple of examples of the GOP elephant symbol used to pointed effect.  One political cartoon addresses the issue of Presidential Executive Orders.  In the other, the GOP elephants play a game of Obstructionist Scrabble despite their proclamation that 2014 would be a “year of action”.


Now let’s test your history recall.

Remember Bill Clinton and his love of cheeseburgers (and a few other tasty things)?  Remember the Gipper?  I left Ronald Reagan on my portfolio page (it’s a good likeness and he provides a little political balance to my Progressive agitating here).

Now, here’s the really Big Test.  Remember the Bi Centennial Peanut Farmer Prez?  It takes a Baby Boomer of my age or older to remember Jimmy Carter in office.