Ever since I first stepped through the wardrobe into Narnia or trudged with Bilbo and Frodo through Middle Earth, I have loved the genre of fantasy.

As a child, I read a book about a boy who traveled through time to meet Robin Hood, King Arthur, and other fantasy characters.  I LOVED that book (though, sadly, I’ve long forgotten the title).  Later, dragons, fairies, and science fiction expanded my fantasy universe.


Alice in Wonderland was another early fantasy influence.  Below is my artwork for a magical kingdom wherein warrior rabbits in armor guard an ancient oak crowned with stone towers.

The illustration is for a book written by a seven-year-old presumably based upon a version of herself.  The girl in the story steps into a puddle and falls and falls and falls still deeper into a “Wonderland” place filled with fantastical creatures.

The drawing above to the right is her plunge into that puddle.


On a different whimsical note, here’s a sweet little sketch of a goblin and a fairy making nice.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a pirate and a snail crossing swords (well, that’s what the client wanted, though I doubt snails have arms).

Here’s a little Twilight Zone for you:  a young boy suspects that the new baby just might be an alien!

And, below, from a futuristic fantasy project, a sketch of wise old “Yoda-like” toads.  Fantasy illustration requires an ethereal sort of magic in its rendering.  Perhaps that is why it remains my favorite genre.

Yoda Toads

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