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Quite awhile ago—the 1980’s in fact—my brother and I attempted to launch  a Greeting Card business with mixed success.  We called our naughty, romantic, animal character line “Paper Jungle”.

Alas, we knew little about that specialized genre of artwork, and by the time we’d achieved positive test marketing from Recycled Paper Products, we were pretty much out of money.  Yet, I’ve always been fascinated by the risque humor and calculated edginess of greeting cards.


Recently, I was thrilled to meet online an experienced writer and producer of greeting cards named Adrienne Gusoff (check out her website at

We are now combining our craniums to create some clever greeting cards–her witty captions and concepts with my twisted artwork–for, yes, Recycled Paper Products.  Life comes full circle.  Stay tuned for more on this venture!

In the upper right corner, I’ve included one of our new birthday card concepts (sorry, I can’t reveal the punchline here).  Yes, it’s great fun to draw “sexy” for a change.


We also have an older female character who will “star” in many of our upcoming concepts for those who are feeling the effects of multiple birthdays.  Again, here’s a little teaser.

Finally, below, I’ve included one of my favorites from the Paper Jungle card line of bygone days.  An elephant never forgets, regardless of multiple martinis.

I believe that hand-drawn artwork of any style feels more “personal” than photographs.  Especially with greeting cards.


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