Matilda the Witch, Book 2

Yes!  It’s the long-awaited sequel!

Matilda Grumkin, our favorite bumbling young witch from the first book, Matilda Grumkin in the Shopping List, has returned with her side-kick black cat, Newt, for a new adventure in the second book, Matilda Grumkin in A Day at the Beach.

The illustration process is still underway; however, I can give you a sneak preview of the artwork and a hint at the plot.  This time around, Matilda has big plans to fly off to her favorite seaside cove and fly kites.  But it’s raining.

Matilda tries to fly a kite indoors using a Magic Spell; but, as you know from the first book, Matilda’s spells very often go awry.  Matilda does get the beach, where she sculpts in the sand, goes swimming, hosts a picnic, and tries out her new invention: the Kite Caster Blaster.  Each activity becomes its own misadventure!

Stay tuned for the release date of Matilda’s new book, written by Thomas and Aubrey Maynard and illustrated by yours truly.

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