“Quickies” Continue

As a freelance illustrator, the challenge of auditioning for representation and for new clients is continual.

As an artist, I may prefer the creative solitude of my drawing tablet, some stimulating music or NPR, and the infinite world of imagination wherein I may wave my magic pen and conjure characters and stories from thin air.

Ah, but there are bills to pay and wonderful projects still in the minds of clients I have not yet met– like you, perhaps–thus, the process of seeking, promoting, proposing, and working the “business side” of creativity is ever ongoing.


An essential part of that process is the “quickie” sketch to show a potential client how I might address their specific needs.

Not every client can look at my general portfolio and see how it applies to their own business or story.  Thus, the “quickie” sketch!  Maybe something like this:  a Koala Bear business traveler for an Australian company.  Suddenly, an idea takes form!

Below, and in the upper right corner, are a few more “quickie” samples.  Dogs and cats seem to be a popular theme.  A cat waiter serving a mouse, a baseball playing ferret, an eaglet adopted by chicks…oh how we love “critters” for story telling!

Frankie Ferret    Eagle & Chicks

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