Scary Things

As a boy, I was terrified of the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying monkeys in the classic film “The Wizard of Oz”.  Every year the movie would be rebroadcast on TV, and every year I would have nightmares for days or weeks thereafter.

My young brothers and I convinced ourselves that the Wicked Witch was watching us at night through the old fashioned heating vent on the bathroom floor.  We were sure that eventually, as we stood or sat peeing late at night, the evil old woman would reach from the vent to grab our ankles and haul us down into darkness.

“Bathroom Witch” on my portfolio page was drawn to commemorate those childhood terrors.  Actually, I added it here too, in the upper right hand corner, so you don’t need to scroll back.

I tried to somewhat imitate the style of Edward Gorey (above), another artistic hero of mine, with intricate “crosshatching” and spooky shadow.

The perspective of the room intentionally opens outward like a stage set.  I debated whether to have our lad standing bare bottomed at the toilet with his back to the witch or sitting on the porcelain throne facing her, his bare feet just out of reach.  Such are the artistic choices when composing a scene.

Again, a little “edge” to counterbalance the sweetness of other illustrations.


Now that I’m a grey-bearded grownup, I’ve learned that there are scarier things than the Wicked Witch of the West.  Donald Trump is President and he is sabre-rattling with another pudgy world leader with bad hair in North Korea.  That beats flying monkeys any day!

Now, now, don’t get upset.  I admitted in an earlier blog post that I am a “Progressive” (formerly known as Liberal).  I also drew caricatures of Obama, Clinton, Reagan, and Carter.  Sorry, you’ll have to scroll back to look at those again.

So, for me, The Donald rolling back health care, eliminating environmental protections in the name of profit, or playing nuclear “chicken” with volatile dictators is rather unsettling to say the least.

Add to this the long-running joke — dating back to the presidential campaign — about Trump’s supposed small hands, and you have the perfect opportunity for a cartoon!

Behold, the infamous “T-Wrecks”!  Trump wrecks everything he stomps all over…or Twitters about in his 3 a.m. tirades.

Scary yes; but also funny.

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