Steampunk and Historical

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a nut for history, costumes, and historical reenactments, especially Medieval and Renaissance.  I love the Golden Age of Pirates too.

My new favorite is Steampunk which, to the uninitiated, could be described as “19th century retro-futuristic”.

This mix of posh Victorian fashion, steam-driven gadgetry, and the wild American West — flavored with fantastical futuristic devices like ray-guns and time-travel — make this an exciting era when anything seemed possible.

The examples in this entry are not Steampunk per se (no gadgets, gears, goggles, or weaponry); but these sketches ARE elegantly Victorian in the form of a proper tea-sipping English flea, and a Basset Hound gentleman escorting a Grande Dame Hen (she reminds me of the Dowager Duchess from Downton Abbey).

More of these projects please!



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