Zombies and Egg Nog

Life does indeed come full circle.

I began this blog telling you about my six years of experience as Senior Design Artist for Chamilia beads and jewelry.  Who knew that charms and beads would also dominate my freelance career for years?

I’ve been privileged to provide occasional freelance designs for Ohm Beads of Seattle.  They are a great bunch of creatives with a very loyal customer following that call themselves “Ohmers”.

Ohm Beads are a bit edgier in style and humor than Chamilia.  I learned this when I was commissioned to design a series of Zombie beads for Ohm — well, this being Ohm, they are spelled “Zohmbie” beads.

Ohm wanted me to create an entire story around these “Zohmbie” characters.  On my portfolio page, you can see the rather bloody poster I drew that tells that story.  Ha!  It’s the first time I’ve had a client say, “More blood and gore, please!”

Above, you can see the multi-view drawings for the female character, Lucy Lifeless (“she’ll love you to pieces”).  And here’s the finished bead.  Now THAT’S pretty cool, eh?

There was a male character too, Chase Skinner (“he’s looking to get ahead”).  They owned a Killer Kitty, drank DeCappuccinos and Vicious Vapors (“good for whatever is eating you”) and settled into a “mindless routine”.  These were so much fun!  Here are a few more of the drawings.

And, then again, the resulting bead.  You can find these beads, and some “Zohmbie” weapons, along with all the great Ohm Beads collections in their online catalog.


I was also commissioned to design some Christmas and Winter-themed beads for Ohm.  They already had plenty of the cheerful Christmas stuff, so I went with Scrooge: a literal “Bah Hum-BUG!”

I love how they cleverly photographed the Hum-Bug bead for their website with a lump of coal.  Nice job, kids!

I created some Snowmen characters — and an accompanying poster story — a pair of Ice Dancers, a tumbling Snow Skier and a broken leg cast, and it’s own story, and more.

In the upper right corner of this entry, you’ll find another poster story called “Get Your Nog On”.

Some barnyard animals throw a Christmas Party and each contributes to the Nog.  The cow provides the milk, the chicken provides the egg, and the wise old owl brings the booze.  By the time Santa shows up, the animals are feeling no pain!

Here is the bead that went with that story.

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